Early learning service providers are encouraged to celebrate Early Childhood Educators' Day by organising their own activities involving their educators, their children and their families on Wednesday 7th September 2022 or during the same week so that all families get the chance to say thank you. 

Scroll below for our checklist and some fun ideas!

Tell your families & educators it's coming...

Let your families know about the day leading up to the event, by putting up some posters (available on the Resources webpage) in your communal areas, using the printed posters as handouts to parents,  putting out a notice to families via your email newsletter and/or posting on social media, including sharing the "How are you going to say thank you?" video on YouTube or Facebook.


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While at home, the children may like to:

  • make a card with their own art on the front cover
  • make a simple home-made gift (eg. a pot plant, daisy chain or pasta necklace)
  • pick a bunch of flowers from the garden
  • bake a cake with Mum or Dad to be enjoyed at a morning tea with their early childhood educator 
  • dress up in fancy dress before attending the day

While at your early learning centre/service, the children may like to join in one or more of the suggested activities below.

Organise one or more of the following activities in your centre/service:

  • Create an early childhood educator appreciation wall or ‘thank you' tree using the printable 'cut out shape' templates provided on the Resources page for the children to decorate

  • Create a giant 'thank you' card for families to write in (if health  & safety guidelines permit) and put it on display in the reception/greeting area of your centre/service 

  • Organise a morning or afternoon tea party and invite families (if health  & safety guidelines permit) to bring home-baked goodies, presents and cards.

  • Get dressed up! You and your team might like to wear fancy dress (eg. superhero theme or fairies, wizards & magic).

  • Present your team of educators each with a certificate of appreciation using the printable templates on the Resources page. 

Post your photos TO OUR WEBSITE GALLERY OR TO social media

We love seeing your photos online. Please feel free to share photos of your celebrations on social media using the hashtags #LoveMyECE or #EarlyChildhoodEducatorsDay.


This year you can also upload photos of your celebrations to our website:

  • upload your photos here.
  • view the 2022 gallery here



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